The World of Vija Vetra

The World of Vija Vetra


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Directed by Aleksandar Kostic
Produced by Kostic Films LLC, 2008


The World of Vija Vetra is a documentary about the life of an artist, told through a portrait of an 84-year-old world renowned dancer Vija Vetra. Vija Vetra is the portrait of a great spirit, full of symbols; a life story, that every artist in the modern world is able to relate to. Her devotion to the art of dance is her celebration of life, but it is also a life that is often lonely and full of sacrifice.


Her creative, positive spirit stands alone against a materialistic world that is constantly changing. Her wise soul, her point of view on life, and criticism of the modern world push us to think about secret meanings, symbols and the simplicity of life.


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