Persistence of Memory

Persistence of Memory

Experimental film

BUY FILM amazon-icon BUY FILM amazon-icon HD, 30min, 2012

Directed by Aleksandar Kostic
Produced by Kostic Films LLC, 2012

Experimental film “Persistence of Memory” with Joan La Barbara’s original music premiered in Berlin, Germany on the opening night of MaerzMusic festival 17. march 2012 “Cage and Vonsequences”, celebrating the 100th anniversary of John Cage’s birth, as part of the live performance by Joan La Barbara and Ne(x)tworks.

Joan La Barbara presented Aleksandar Kostic with the chance procedures idea, inspired by the collaboration process of composer John Cage and choreographer Merce Cunningham, to create an event in which the film and music would be produced separately and played and projected simultaneously for the first time on opening night in Berlin. The only rules that Joan and Aleksandar set before collaborating on this project were that the film and music should each have a duration of 30 minutes, and that Aleksandar would not even hear Joan’s music nor Joan would see film until the opening night in Berlin.



– World premiere opening night of MaerzMusik festival, 2012, “Cage and Consequences”, Berlin, Germany

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